Somewhere on the Dirt Coast, 2019

Somewhere on the Dirt Coast, 2019

Christopher Peters is a Seattle-based photographer who showcases the unique landscape of the Pacific Northwest and it’s thriving mountain bike community. When combined, these two distinct entities are referred to by what he has coined the DIRT COAST.  Mountain Biking and photographing riders are his primary passions. However, he will often step-away from the world of knobby tires and dirt to pursue other curiosities in travel, backcountry exploration and various board sports—especially those related to surf and snow. When the pow-alert rings, you can safely assume he is on his way to a chair-lift somewhere in Cascadia.

Everyday-life in the Pacific Northwest, coupled with an admiration for the oil paintings of 19th Century Europe and North America, drive the creative energy in his images. Solitude and human insignificance within a vast and powerful landscape are common themes. Emotion in lieu of a subject or truth are frequently portrayed. During scheduled shoots, he encourages the athlete(s) to move so as to enhance the energy, light and beauty of the surrounding natural space. Not all of his athlete-featured images are composed; viewers can assume some were taken candidly with the subject in the most organic state of thought and movement.

With a general attitude of “living for today,” he anticipates growth as an Artist and will continue to search for his own version of “work that matters”.  In what often seems like a dog-eat-dog world, Christopher envisions a community of artists, athletes and idealists collaborating instead of competing, where a creative and collective energy is rooted in kindness, respect and pure-stoke for generating work that represents the unique and diverse nature of Perspective.

Christopher’s primary career is in community service where he works full-time as a Firefighter. He’s a proud veteran who served as a Flight Medic in the campaigns of the Middle East. While deployed, he completed multiple high-priority medical evacuation missions, ensuring that the men and women who were wounded in combat reached the safety of home. Occasionally, you can find him making an appearance as a Drummer, tossing sticks for Blues, Reggae and Funk bands. Christopher was born in Northern California, raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree after attending CAL POLY San Luis Obispo and San Diego State University. He graduated Cum Laude while rowing on the Varsity Crew for three consecutive years, competing at the national pre-elite development team level during his Junior and Senior years. Afterwards, he traveled East where he held coaching positions at Colgate University, Connecticut College and the prestigious Potomac Boat Club, preparing crews for U.S. National Team bids and international competition. Creative code can be traced to his DNA. His father is a painter, teacher and master of fine arts, while his mother is a professionally trained opera singer from the halls of The New England Conservatory of Music. Though he has no formal schooling in photographraphic methods, his preferred medium is through the lens of DSLR cameras. Recently, he has begun experimenting with various craft art concepts and hopes to incorporate them into his future work for display and purchase.

Favorite Quote: “The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.” -Ray Wylie Hubbard

Influential Artists/Writers/Creators: Albert Bierstadt, Caspar David Friedrich, Sven Nykvist, Stephanie Nitsch, Chris Benchetler, Eric Pollard, Eddie Vedder, Myrna Massey, Yolandi Visser, Thom Yorke, Ben Harper, Bjork

Influential Athletes: Lindsey Van, Claire Smallwood, Carie Graves, Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, Rob Machado